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Moving House?

December: The temperature’s decreasing, the nights are darkening and Christmas is approaching. Before you know it, January will come around again and the thought of moving house becomes that little bit more real. Ignoring all the paperwork and legalities, looking for a new home is exciting. You’re making a fresh start in a brand-new location, and the possibilities are endless; new furniture, new neighbours and a chance to show off your interior décor skills with a blank canvas!

However, you can’t ignore the more formal and bureaucratic elements forever as they are important and can make a big impact on life in your new home. One important element is a Home Report. A Home Report consists of a selection of documents about a house that a seller has to provide to potential buyers to examine. It’s a good way of planning ahead and spotting potential issues and more importantly is required by law in Scotland.

This can be very daunting if you’re a first time buyer and it can be difficult to know what a Home Report ACTUALLY is. To offer you some extra assistance, Allied Surveyors have helped to break it down:

A Home Report consists of four separate documents;

1- A single survey

2- An energy report

3- A property questionnaire

4- A mortgage valuation certificate.

Each of these documents gives you important information and can help you accurately access if a particular home is right for you. To help, we’ve explained these one by one: A single survey can tell you about the current condition of the house, so you know if work needs to be done. An energy report can be useful in letting you know how much you’ll potentially be paying in bills which is good and important for future planning! A property questionnaire is usually completed by the current owners of the house and contains information that only they will know- e.g.- any alterations to the house. Lastly, but certainly not least, a mortgage valuation certificate helps inform your lender of the value of your property, for loan purposes.

And there it is! A Home Report in a nutshell! For more details on Home Reports, or any other property services, give us a call on 0141 330 9950 or have a read of our Home Report FAQ’s.

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