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Heroes and Helensburgh

Heroes and Helensburgh

As a surveyor principally involved in the valuation and survey of domestic property, it is glaringly obvious to me that travelling any distance to houses, inspecting the building inside and out and engaging with the owner/occupier poses a significant risk to everyone and is in direct conflict with Government advice.

Those who are inclined to do so appear to be carrying out their own “risk assessment” to justify selfish behaviour in the hope of rendering them exempt and/or immune from current “Lockdown” conditions.

However, dwelling too much on matters we cannot control is a waste of energy and detrimental to our mental health so let us focus on some pluses:

  • We have heroes on our side
  • The stone will be rolled away
  • The coming together “wartime mentality” may heal some of the Brexit divisions
  • Vital services may be better appreciated in the future despite their non- profit-making aspect.
  • Bats are off the menu!

It also behoves me to say something about my own business.

Smarter folk than me have expressed their views on the likely future for the property market, however I believe there is no reliable crystal ball, and all is dependant upon the length of time restrictions remain in place and to what extent.

If we look at the market BC (before Coronavirus) based on my knowledge of Helensburgh, West Dunbartonshire and South/mid Argyll, there was a strong effective demand with prices bolstered by lack of stock in the most popular areas.

It was common to see a property feature on Rightmove with an accompanying “under offer” or “sold” sticker almost simultaneously.

Somewhat surprisingly, talking to agents I have recent tales of continued requests to view or market property!

If restrictions can be safely relaxed, allowing the market to come out of hibernation fairly soon then I think the “pent up” demand to both buy and sell could see the market return to close to where it left off in some areas.

If restrictions are prolonged, most parts of the economy will be significantly affected, businesses may not survive and many people will become unemployed. Consequently, demand will be reduced for housing together with competition, resulting in fewer transactions and a fall in property prices.

This is not rocket-science and the real honest answer to the question “How do you see the future of the property market in Helensburgh is “I do not know”.

What is obvious is that the quicker we emerge from this crisis the better the outcome will be for nearly everyone.

Our future is in the hands of our HEROES so we must help them to the greatest of our ability.

About the author

Jim is a qualified Chartered Surveyor and Registered Valuer specialising in the residential property sector. He is a Director at Allied Surveyors Scotland plc with over 30 years experience. He is based in the Helensburgh office from where he and business partner, Graeme Armour cover areas of West Dunbartonshire and Mid and South Argyll including some of the islands. Jim enjoys interaction with individual clients and has developed good relationships with agents and property professionals in the area.

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