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I’m happy to Blog – but I’d rather be working!


Like most Surveyors working though the current Lockdown the main concern I have is to try and keep busy. The work has pretty much all dried up. We are staying in contact with colleagues through WhatsApp and Zoom meetings. Communicating with clients. Checking emails, booking CPD and reading Property Journals.  But effectively we have gone from being unbelievably busy, spinning plates and expectations to having some serious voids in the day.

To the ones that are furloughed please make the most of your time, try not to worry, stay positive and healthy. Eat well, keep fit as often as your body can manage and if you are with family appreciate every moment, as the time will be gone quicker than you thought. 

To the business owners it’s another story. We aren’t furloughed so we need to keep a work structure and remain positive for our staff and our own mindset. We know when we are “released” we will need to be able to get back into top gear fast. But this can only be at the right time and personally I am delighted Allied Surveyors Scotland have taken such a responsible decision to ignore “loopholes” and Stay at Home. 

But the main question occupying me is…when will I get around to doing that Blog head office is after?

The simple answer is – not when I’m sitting at the table in my dressing gown, unshaven with a slightly sore head. That is not the right time!

You also aren’t ready if you are still filled with anger or frustration at not being able to keep working. That’s not the right time either!

The best and only time for a Blog is when you have something worth saying, so here it is...

 “Stay Home. Protect the NHS. Save Lives.”

See you all on the other side.


About the author

Allan is a qualified Chartered Surveyor and Registered Valuer specialising in the residential property sector. He is a Director in Allied Surveyors Scotland plc running the Stirling office and, with 25 years of experience, his advice is regularly sought by Lending Institutions, Private Clients, Financial Advisors, Solicitors and Estate Agents.

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