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Allied Surveyors Greenock Office is based at 35a Union Street, Greenock PA16 8DN. Our contact number is 01475 723254. Our contact email address is The Greenock Office of Allied Surveyors carries out Home Reports, Mortgage Valuations, Insurance Reinstatement Figures, Energy Performance Certificates, EPCs, Development Appraisals, Land Valuations, Commercial Valuations and Quantity Surveying services. We cover postcodes PA14, PA15, PA16, PA17, PA18, PA19, KA28 and KA30. These postcodes include the towns of Langbank, Port Glasgow, Greenock, Gourock, Inverkip, Wemyss Bay, Skelmorlie, Largs, Fairlie and Millport.

Home Reports – Explained

Home Reports were introduced on the 1st December 2008 under the Housing Scotland Act 2006. The basic premise is to provide potential purchasers with better information regarding the condition and value of the property they wish to buy. It is the Vendors responsibility to organise and pay for the Home Report. If a property is to be marketed in any shape or form, a Home Report is required. Home Reports are not required for private sales which may include intra family sales. As long as the property is not marketed, no Home Report is required. Further exceptions include; new build housing, newly converted premises, right to buy homes, portfolios of residential properties and unsafe properties.

What is a Home Report?

A Home Report consists of a Property Questionnaire, Single Survey which includes an assessment of the condition of the property, a Mortgage Valuation and an Energy Report. In Scotland, Chartered Surveyors are the only profession who are authorised to undertake Home Reports.

What is in a Home Report? 

Section 1 of the Single Survey is all about description of the property. The Home Report details approximately 25 different areas of the property which may include windows, floors, heating, garages, boilers, external walls. Section 2 details the condition of the property. Each individual element mentioned in Section 1 has a condition category placed against it. Condition Category 1 may indicate that this individual component of the property is free from any significant defects. Category 2 may indicate that works are required now or will be required in the future. Category 3 may indicate that urgent works are now required. This may include severe dampness, dry rot or on going structural movement. Section 3 is the Mortgage Valuation. This is a condensed version of all the important matters and this is sent to a Bank or Building Society. The Valuation within the Mortgage Valuation is based on current sales evidence of similar style property within the surrounding area. Section 4 is the EPC, Energy Performance Certificate, Energy Report. All properties which are to be sold or let now require an EPC, Energy Report, Energy Performance Certificate. The last section is the Property Questionnaire. This part of the Home Report is filled out by the Vendor or the Vendors representatives. The Property Questionnaire includes questions which usually only the owner of the property would know the answer to. These may include who provides Electricity, Gas Services etc. Other questions include; have any structural alterations been made to the property or have any damp/timber treatments been undertaken.

Who provides a Home Report?

In Scotland Home Reports are provided by Chartered Surveyors who are professional members of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS).

Who needs a Home Report?

Any property which is to be placed on the Market requires a Home Report. There are exceptions. Examples of exceptions are new build housing, newly converted premises, right to buy homes, portfolios of residential properties and unsafe properties. These type of properties do not require Home Reports. A general rule is if the property has a single private dwelling and is reasonable condition and is to be placed on the Open Market, either via an Estate Agent or even a poster in a window, a Home Report will be required.

How much do Home Reports cost?

Home Report fees work on a sliding scale. The cheapest fee is £360 including VAT. Generally the fee increases in line with the value of the property in bands of £100,000. The most expensive fee for a Home Report may just be over the £1,000 mark, especially within the Inverclyde Area.

Any other important information?

The property market within Greenock Area and Inverclyde in general appears to be improving since the start of 2016. More properties are being placed on the Market and properties appear to be selling at a quicker rate.

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