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Frequently Asked Questions

A Home Report is a comprehensive document that provides essential information about a property being sold in Scotland. It is a legal requirement for most residential properties placed on the market in Scotland. The purpose of the Home Report is to provide potential buyers with relevant information about the condition, value, and energy efficiency of the property before they make an offer.
If you are selling a residential property in Scotland, you are required by law to provide a Home Report to potential buyers, except in some limited circumstances. These are: 1) New build homes (including conversions) being sold to the first occupier; 2) If the house is being sold off market, perhaps to a friend, family member or a sitting tenant and is not "marketed"; 3) Holiday lets (usually where planning restrictions prevent anyone living in the property on a year-round basis) ; 4) Unsafe or uninhabitable properties; 5) Where multiple properties are offered for sale as a single portfolio, as this is usually treated as a commercial transaction. The Home Report serves several purposes:

Transparency: It provides transparency and ensures that buyers have access to crucial information about the property's condition and value before making an offer.

Streamlined Process: Having all necessary information in one document streamlines the buying process, making it easier for both buyers and sellers to negotiate and complete the transaction.

Consumer Protection: It protects buyers from unexpected issues or expenses by providing a clear picture of the property's condition and potential maintenance requirements.
A Home Report typically includes three main components:

Single Survey: This section provides an assessment of the property's condition, including details about its structure, internal and external features, and any significant defects or issues.

Energy Performance Certificate (EPC): The EPC rates the property's energy efficiency and provides recommendations for improving energy efficiency.

Property Questionnaire: This questionnaire is completed by the seller and contains additional information about the property, such as council tax band, parking arrangements, and any alterations or renovations.
The cost of a Home Report can vary depending on factors such as the size, location, and value of the property. Typically, the cost ranges from a few hundred to a few thousand pounds.
In Scotland, attempting to sell a Residential property without a valid Home Report is a breach of the Housing (Scotland) Act 2006. Doing so would risk delays in the selling process, litigation, and possibly financial penalties. It is essential that sellers comply with all legal obligations to ensure a smooth sale process.

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