An Update From Helensburgh

The property market has performed well since lockdown started- off the back of what had already been a good start to 2020. The market was more or less locked down for several months although it would appear that much was happening on Social Media, as was evident when things started to open up again and we started to get instructions from numerous clients to say that they had come across a house or flat that was on the market through Facebook and would require a Home Report so they could get their own property on the market. Social Media has definitely become an important medium for selling property, in some instances clients have decided not to use an agent and are able to sell via Social Media, although this might not always get the best results, it can be a useful tool.

We could tell quite early on that we were going to be busy when things started to re-open. The months between June and October were some of the busiest the property market has seen. Part of the reason for this was down to people re-evaluating their lifestyle choices; more working from home therefore requiring additional space e.g home office, better quality of life, more outdoor space especially when it has not been possible to go too far afield during lockdown. Transport links were not quite so important as people didn’t have to commute to work. The only problem post lockdown was that the demand was outstripping supply which meant that there was upward pressure on property prices.

As news of a second lockdown reared it’s ugly head, there was a slight push for people to get their house on the market before stricter guidelines came into force and the market started to get quieter which for that time of year ie November/December was to be expected. People who might have thought about selling, decided to wait until the New Year to put their house on the market although in a lot of cases they have now put off that decision until restrictions lift again. One of the most interesting factors to emerge from the various lockdowns, is the number of people deciding to completely up sticks and move to a more affordable area with wide open spaces, good air quality and less stress. Estate agents operating in the Helensburgh area are reporting a significant number of enquiries from South of the Border. 

2021 has started off fairly well in Helensburgh, although the further lockdown has stifled the market slightly. For various reasons however people still have to put their house on the market whether it is for family reason, a new job or because they have bought another property so this has been keeping us going. We can perhaps expect another very busy period post lockdown where we see good prices and above Home Report value. 


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