Q/A with Wesley Weld-Moore

With over 30 offices across Scotland, we see a wide range of property trends such as prices and selling times, varying greatly from town to town!

So, to get an insight into what the market is like in Fort William, we caught up with Wesley Weld-Moore, our local Director to ask him a few questions:


Q: So, Wesley, how long have you been working in the property sector and when did you start at Allied? 

A: I’ve been working in the property sector for about 20 years, but I started at Allied on the 16th September 2007- nearly 14 years ago now.


Q: What’s the property market like just now in Fort William?

A: The property market just now is very buoyant! I’m seeing properties being sold within a day, or sometimes just a few hours. In fact, the quickest sale I have seen was just 30 minutes! Once word gets get that a house is for sale, the message seems to spread exponentially.


Q: What sort of effect has Covid19 had on the property market in Fort William?

A: We’ve been lucky that we’ve been really busy post lockdown. It may start to slow down and we may start to see prices decrease but I don’t think that will happen- as long as the banks keep their interest rates low, then we shouldn’t see any change. I think it will be a steady ship for the next 12 months.


Q: What property trends do you anticipate for the next 6 months?  

A: Just now, we’re seeing local buyers interested in properties that are valued under £250,000, and a wider audience going for properties above that. We’ve noticed that people are coming up from other parts of the UK, particularly the more urban areas because they are getting more for their money here and Fort William is a desirable place to live- with outdoor space.


Q: Lastly, do you have an interesting fact about Fort William that we may not know?

A: Ahh, well in Fort William we have some of Golden Eagles and White Tailed Sea Eagles that can be spotted far and wide.

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