How much is a Home Report in Scotland?

There is really no straightforward answer to this question as the answer will depend on the value, size, age and location of the property. Quite simply though, a seller/selling agent should give you a Home Report within nine days of you requesting it.

It is the responsibility of the seller to pay for a Home Report to be produced for their property and this must occur before it goes on the market. Basically, ALL properties for sale in Scotland should be marketed with a Home Report, however there are some exceptions- for instance, New Build properties.  A Home Report is designed to give potential buyers an overview of the condition of the home in question. The Home Report will also provide details of any work which may be required on the home and detail the home’s energy efficiency, its age and the building materials used in its construction. This information allows buyers to make an informed decision on a potential purchase.

The most common value of a residential property in Scotland is between £100,000 and £200,000. A typical Home Report cost within this price range is between £400-£500 + VAT.

As previously mentioned, the price of a Home Report can vary depending on the size of the property, its value, age, and the condition it is in. Large homes, older homes, homes of higher value and those in remote locations will often have slightly higher Home Report costs. Consequently, properties that are conveniently located, small and of low value will likely have less expensive reports.

The firm you appoint will determine the actual price you pay for your property’s Home Report. They will also factor in the time it takes to inspect, value and report on the home.

Additionally, although hiring a surveyor with knowledge of the local area is not mandatory, it can be advantageous to do so. Chartered Surveyors familiar with an area may be able to provide a more accurate report based on similar properties. They might also have useful information about the property’s surrounding area. At Allied Surveyors Scotland, all of our Surveyors live & work in their local area, meaning they know it like the back of their hand.

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