Factors to consider when moving house with a young family

If you’re planning to make a move with young children, there are of course some places which are more practical to live in than others. These are generally more family-friendly areas, with nearby amenities ideal for busy parents and energetic kids.

We all know moving house can be a stressful experience, but there are even more factors to consider when you’re moving house with a young family in tow – it’s not child’s play!

Schools, catchment areas, parks, and nurseries – there are a lot of factors to consider out with the usual moving house checklist when children are involved.

You also must consider the emotional upheaval your children will potentially experience when moving from one house, and area, to another.


As a parent, it’s wise to consider choosing a location which is nearby to desirable primary and secondary schools, crèches, and coaching institutions.

By choosing to live near a school means your children can perhaps walk, or cycle, to school. This means they can get in some daily exercise, enjoy the fresh air, and be kinder to the environment.

Obviously, as a parent, a frequent and tiring commute with children is far from ideal. Easy school access also means less pressure on parents to factor in the school run on a busy morning!


Physical activities, sports and recreational pursuits are indispensable for the overall development of children.

It helps to ensure your new local area offers activities like basketball, tennis, cinemas, gyms, theatres and football and/or rugby fields etc. to keep your children physically active and mentally stimulated. We all know bored kids aren’t happy kids! Child-friendly social infrastructure like museums, libraries, restaurants and shopping centres are also coveted local offerings.


From a safety perspective, you’ll also want your new home to provide your child with a secure and safe environment within which to grow. Safe neighbourhoods with low crime rates and kid-pleasing environments with green spaces, close to outdoor pursuits, are highly sought after.

You’ll also want to make sure that your home is near childcare providers, health centres and hospitals.


It’s often the case that children may have lived in just one house, and because they attend the local school with their friends, they might view their life as inextricably linked with their first/current home.

Therefore, when it comes to moving home, even if it’s not that considerable a move geographically speaking, children can become stressed and upset if they are not properly considered.

Although moving house with a baby or toddler carries with it different demands to that of a teenager, you will need to give your kids lots of reassurance throughout the moving process, and ensure you keep them entertained and comfortable during the move itself.


One of the main reasons children can get upset when moving house is that they feel they are getting left behind or simply have no say in the matter.

Depending on a kids age, you can give them the responsibility of packing their own belongings. This might not be the most carefully or tidily packed box, but it will give them both a sense of purpose and control.

Remember, it’s their home too, so letting them contribute to the decision-making process, no matter how trivial, can help ease possible anxiety.

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