Unlocking Opportunities in Glasgow’s West End: A Successful Property Sale

In Glasgow’s West End, a notable property recently sold in just two weeks of hitting the market, underscoring the area’s interest and investment potential. Let’s delve into the key highlights of this transaction:


This property stood as a well-known residential property with a commercial yard, owned by the same family for over 75 years. Situated in the wider West End near Kelvindale Train Station and facing a substantial brownfield site earmarked for residential development, creating the interest of numerous investors, eyeing both residential and commercial opportunities, including industrial units, storage, and offices.

Opportunities to acquire such prime sites in the West End are rare, guaranteeing premium offers. The sale, reflecting a rate of approximately £400,000 per acre on a usable land use basis, surpassed standard land values. Even amidst uncertain economic conditions, the West End market maintains its resilience, consistently delivering exceptional performance.

Key Insights:

Location: Situated near Kelvindale Train Station and adjacent to a brownfield site earmarked for residential development, it is an improving location and perfectly situated to access the thriving West End.
Interest and Offers: Within a mere two weeks of listing, the property attracted significant interest, drawing multiple offers from investors exploring various residential and commercial prospects.
Competitive Market: The competitive nature of the West End market was evident, with the property commanding premium offers well above standard industrial land values.
Strategic Positioning: Situated at the junction of Dalsholm Road and Temple Road, the property held strategic significance within an area undergoing rapid transformation and revitalisation.
Connectivity: Enhanced by its proximity to Kelvindale Railway Station, the property offered seamless connectivity to Glasgow’s city centre, enhancing its appeal and accessibility.
Property Description: Comprising two semi-detached Dorran bungalows and a commercial yard, the property presented opportunities for refurbishment and redevelopment, albeit requiring some investment.
Price and Offers: Priced at offers in excess of £225,000, the property surpassed expectations, with offers exceeding 50% of the asking price.
Expert Guidance: Allied Surveyors Scotland played a pivotal role in orchestrating this landmark transaction, leveraging their expertise and deep-rooted understanding of the West End market.

This successful sale highlights Glasgow’s West End’s continued appeal and underscores the value of expert guidance in navigating its dynamic property landscape. As opportunities continue to unfold in this vibrant location, investors and sellers can trust Allied Surveyors Scotland’s professionalism and insight to unlock the full potential of their commercial properties.

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